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Jimmy Page backstage in Indianapolis, 1975. Photo by Neal Preston.

"I had a Nikon with a 24mm lens on my lap, and I was going to say something to Jimmy and I saw the bottle move toward his mouth and I picked up the camera, shot one frame, and I didn’t know if he even realized I was there shooting it." - Neal Preston
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Κική Δημουλά - Προφυλάξεις

…δεν είναι ξεκάθαρη καιρική συνθήκη η ευτυχία…
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Sometimes people ask us, ”Wouldn’t Layne have been pissed off that we did this [reunite the band]?” And I tell them it would have been the opposite: he would have been pissed off that it took us so long to do this. We’re not doing this for money; there’s no money in the music business anymore.
Sean Kinney (Guitar World Magazine - 2009)

slow fucking clap for Sean Kinney.

I love this movie so much (it’s called electrick children)